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When I hear someone say, “Time is like a river.” I sense the analogy is based in an idea that time is linear and so is a river. The more time I spend on earth and on rivers the less I see anything linear about either. For example, I have never encountered a straight river, only sections that have been damed or levied. I don’t believe that water simply flows past never to return again. Rather water is constantly returning. Rain does not only fall down from the sky, rain also falls up from the ground.

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Every once in a while a joke gets wildly out of hand at Cedaero. Maybe it's the fact that sewing packs day after day in close proximity with good friends tends to create a sort of hive mind. Maybe it's the fact that production sewing provides space to day dream. Maybe we just have too much fun.

Whatever the factors, this particular joke began way back in the 80's when an unassuming beach towel was made, purchased, then well-loved for the next four decades. In the year 2020 the towel was upcycled into shop rags, but call it destiny or fate, the universe had a greater plan. That's the juncture where we met Slender James, or perhaps more appropriately, Slender James revealed themselves to us.

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