Custom Frame Pack Perfect Photo Guide

We've developed a system for accurately designing your pack from a simple photo with a few guidelines. Please also reference the example photo to make sure you're on the right track!

Send a perfect photo, get a perfectly fitting pack! 

  1. Tape a ruler, tape measure, or other measuring device to one of the bike frame tubes.
  2. Mount any other packs you'll be using on the bike. This ensures we avoid strap interference.
  3. Make sure your water bottle bosses are visible. This may require you to remove bottle cages or back out the bolts a few turns so they're visible under the cage. If you're ordering a half frame pack, it's a great idea to include an additional photo with your usual bottles in their cages so we can maximize space without interference.
  4. Move far enough away that both wheels are completely visible in the photo.
  5. Squat down so you're shooting directly at the center of the frame triangle. Don't take the photo from standing!
  6. Make sure you're not shooting on ultra wide angle mode or with a fisheye lens. Shoot! Then upload the highest resolution version of your photo that you can.
  7. Engage in revelry.
Common pitfalls:
  • Photo not high enough resolution.
  • Photo taken too close.
  • Photo taken with ultra wide angle lens (too much lens distortion).
  • Photo taken from above the bike or off to one side.
Please double check your frame size! We can't guarantee a perfect fit if your specified frame size doesn't match your photo.